As a community it is our duty to never give up searching for a missing child. There is always hope and opportunity for individuals to come forward and share information that may provide the necessary answers. We must remember that it is possible that the child is not only out there, but may be watching media reports and seeing what is happening in their absence. We have to send a message to the child that we are searching and that we want them home. As community members we owe it to the child, the searching family and ourselves to continue the search and to continue to honour the memory of the missing child. No matter how much time goes by, in some way, the family of a missing child will always be searching. Keeping the image of the child in the public eye creates opportunities to honour them but also to appeal to those individuals who may be ready to come forward with information.

The family of a missing child will always be searching. In abduction cases, the secondary reason to keep the search alive is to find the offender and prevent them from harming another child.