While the outcome of a missing child case will vary, there are considerations to be made when closing down the Community Response Plan effort. The following are some suggestions for the Primary Contact:

  • Follow up with all volunteers for a final debrief. Consider any sort of critical incident debriefing that may be necessary or helpful for volunteers. Thank the volunteers for all of their help.

  • Make sure all information, papers, files etc., are forwarded to and secured by the Historian.

  • Follow up with the Family Liaison to identify if the searching family requires any further support that the community might be able to provide.

  • Ensure that the searching family is provided with enough privacy and protection during this time.

  • Contact the lead investigator to see if any further assistance or information is required. Arrange with the lead investigator for the transfer of final documents and reports.

  • Working with the Administrative Coordinator, make sure to follow up wherever posters and notifications were sent with the appropriate “located” notice.

  • Working with the Administrative Coordinator, develop a plan for the storage of records.

  • Working with the Resources Coordinator, determine a plan for any future donations and remaining funds raised. The searching family should be consulted to see where they would like any remaining resources or new funds to be redirected.

  • Working with the Resources Coordinator, return to donors any special resources that had been borrowed.