The Administrative Coordinator plays a very important role in the Community Response Plan. This person must be very detail oriented and very organized.

The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Keeping records of all of the Community Response Plan Team’s efforts.

  • Ensuring that all activities and information gathered are documented, forwarded to police and stored appropriately.

  • Depending on the size of the Community Response Plan, there may be a need to organize office space and equipment. If a Community Response Plan Team headquarters is being set up, telephone lines and Internet connections will need to be set up.

  • Gathering needed resources, such as office supplies.

  • Some of these resources may be donated by local community businesses.

  • The Resources Coordinator might be able to help procure some of these much-needed office supplies.

  • Record management (e.g. the volunteer roster, media requests, resource donations, resource needs, etc.)

  • Answering phones and responding to or directing public inquiries wherever appropriate.

The Administrative Coordinator will most likely face pressures to cut corners, to not record all information, or to stop worrying about the need for security. This individual must be able to remain focused on the importance of maintaining complete records in an organized and secure fashion.