The Administrative Coordinator should consider the following:

  • It is very important that all volunteers are properly registered, and provide appropriate identification.

  • Acceptable forms of identification include government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s licence, treaty card, or passport.

  • It is equally important that at the closure of the Community Response Plan, a copy of all of this information is forwarded to police, with any extra copies shredded. Information gathered through the volunteer registration process is sensitive and can be misused by a third party for identity fraud or other harmful purposes. As a result, it should not be in your possession for any longer than is necessary. This protects both you, and the person to whom the information belongs.

  • If the police request volunteer assistance in the search operations, it is important that volunteer activity be recorded. Any time a volunteer helps in a search operation, they must sign in and their photo identification must be verified. At any major search event, the Administrative Coordinator may also be responsible for setting up a sign-in/ registration table onsite.

Sometimes those involved in a child’s disappearance will involve themselves in the search for the child. Maintaining lists of volunteers with their proper photo identification is important so that police can run proper background checks.